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Francesco Tammaro

The details in this painting just draw in the viewer. I own two of Tammaro paintings. When I saw this one at Soutwest Gallery it was one that had to be in my dining room. It instills relaxation just viewing it. When I was in college one of my professors would often say “When you buy a ticket to the arts it is your duty to participate in allowing your imagination to be free.” I think about this every time I go to an art gallery, play or even a movie. Freeing your mind from the constraints of your daily life can seem rather daunting for those that are super task oriented. It is important in your growth as a human BEING, and let go of doing, at least for the brief time in the museum, at the play or a movie.

A beautiful park scene from a time long forgotten. A time before cars, when the sound of horses permeated the streets. The sounds of flesh and blood creatures neighing. People dressed well to go to the park. Maybe people knew that everyday was special, and showing the world our better side was more of a reflection of ourselves. It is something we have forgotten these days.

Reading the newspaper, enjoying a cup of coffee on a Sunday afternoon in the park. It looks like a place I would love to be. What about you?IMG_2088

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