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The Animals

Aging is a beast of it’s own. Getting older has lead to more contemplation of deeper aspects of life. How we perceive ourselves, and how we change old thought patterns. In the early years of my development I listened to what people said, look them in the eye to understand what they were saying. Watching their facial cues, and more listening. Spending time alone to think, just being in the moment of where I was at the time.

When I read the book “Where ever I go there I am” had a profound effect on me. I was working at the time at an archives department. It was a job that I did not care for too much, however I was grateful that I had a job. As soon as it was my break, I read my book. After a while I started interacting with my fellow workers. To my surprise, I started to enjoy being there. I knew this wasn’t my dream job, it was a moment in my life that I had to do this job. Making the most of the job at hand made the day go by faster, and I got closer to my fellow workers.

Animals live in the moment that they are given. I was recently reading research that says that dogs pick up on our facial cues. They are more intuitive than once believed. Research also says that paying attention opens more of our mind to learn. Could it be that animals are becoming more intelligent by being around humans, listening, and picking up on our cues?

I am not sure, I do know being around animals has taught me so much. I want to believe they have learned something from us too.


What Are You Reading?


Super Cyber Fun-tastic

Pinterest is some of the most fun on the web. Have you been? Just is case…Go to the link, and create your account. Find boards that you like, and then create your own boards. Name your own boards, and find items to place in the file. It is so fun!

This is one of the things that is great when your husband is watching something that is not that interesting. I am going to make it through my board “worth trying” . It is a great place for those quotes that you just love, and now there is a place to share them with everyone.

All those recipes that you like in as many different boards as you like. I have found some great information on every subject that is really interesting to me. I am serious…if you want to enjoy your time on the web in a new and interesting way then give pinterest a try. You will be pinned in no time. See what I did right there?


See you on Pinterest!

Jeanne Illenye

Jeanne has done many painting for me, so it was hard to chose one. I thought I would show a detail of one of the largest ones I own from her. IMG_2089














This is a detail…it is too bad that my flash projected so much light on the books. Jeanne included all the things I love in a still life. The 18th century people. He is reading, and she is standing behind him. The vase is my favorite color. Peonies are the flowers I grew up smelling all month long in May. I would even encourage the ants to help open the flowers. There are also roses and lilies in the bouquet. The leaves on the roses are not perfect. There are several types of insects, a few bees, ants, ladybugs, and butterflies. There are water droplets on a few of the flowers. The antique books are so realistic. The little nicks at the top of the books that denote age, love, and use. Strawberries, lemons, grapes, and figs.

A still life is a story about the fragility of life. We all age, none of us are perfect, and we will all die someday. A still life is to remind you that life is going with or without you. Live, get out there and live the life that you want to have. Don’t let everything pass you by, do something to make a difference.

3rd Sunday of Lent

It is been hard giving up my chocolate, but I have done it so far. I also haven’t purchased anything I don’t need. I was super grouchy a couple of days. I really just wanted to rip a chocolate bar open and gobble it down like cookie monster on Sesame Street. There have also been some times I have really wanted to buy some earrings or a shirt…but I know I can keep things in perspective. Reading and doing some writing has helped me. Back Camera

Happy Birthday Bubby

I must be the luckiest girl in the world to have a little brother like Roger. He was the one my sister and I had to make a little tougher. We did not want anyone taking advantage of him for anything. He was so tiny, but the day my mom brought him home we thought he had the biggest head we had ever seen on a human being. The best thing about having a little brother was that we would get his baby clothes for our dolls.

As he grew up, he had to have his blanket with him as he sucked his thumb. He started making mud pies in the side of the yard, and to make sure he shared them we told him and his friend to throw them at the other houses. Then my sister and I would acted shocked that he would do something so horrible. Where would he get such ideas?

We moved to a new neighborhood, and he was tiny compared to other boys his age. He played basketball at Market Square Area. We could not be more proud. Even if none of his socks fit him correctly. The socks came up his tiny legs like stockings instead of tube socks.

As a teenager he brought pieces of cardboard to dance on his head. Him and all his little buddies were break dancing. When I worked as a lifeguard him and his buddies would want in free. The rode their bikes with their pieces of cardboard at their sides. They were pretty cute, and people would gather around and cheer them on as they did their spins.

He had his first baby Shelby when he was still young. I remember how much you could see the love in his eyes as he looked at his baby with so much love and hope for her future. He worked and worked as he lived with 2 other guys that were just as crazy as he was. Every time Shelby would come over he would take her to the park, and let her drive her little car.

Then he met Dawn, and they fell in love. They bought themselves a house, and have three other children. I was at the hospital when Cory, their first baby boy, came into the world. I even was able to babysit before I moved to California. I did not get to meet Chelsey until later, and Cody just a couple of years ago.

I have a super special brother. One that came all the way to New York to help me move all my stuff in a few days. He was even taking antibiotics through an injection when he came to help me. He is a brother that would do anything for me, and I would do the same for him. He has so much to offer! I wish the very best for him on his birthday and everyday.

I love you bubby!!! Things are going to get better!

Joseph William Doyle

Joseph was one of the first ancestors that I started to research while I was high school sophomore. I looked up Doyle, and it means “dark strangers”. I remember then looking up the origins of being a “dark stranger”. The Doyle ancestors were not found too far back in history of Ireland. In 795 AD the Dubhghaill’s (or Doyle ancestors) arrived in Ireland. They came in long boats from Denmark, Sweden, and Norway originally. Since these lands were becoming overpopulated some farmers and fishermen took to the sea. First, they were trying to make a living, and then greed started to bewitch them. They became pirates, and plundered their way around the world. In 795, they made the decision to embark on Lambay Island, they slaughtered the monks, and took all the gold and silver they could find.  The Dubhghaills were a part of Ireland.

So, there we have it…Joseph was Irish, but we heard through the family that he was Native American. He does look it too.

Joseph was born July 2nd 1883 in Brown County, Indiana. By the time he was 16 he moved to Indianapolis, Indiana. He was the oldest of 6 children. His father William was from California, and this is the destination that must have been on his mind because he would move there later in life and die in San Bernardino County, CA. 1903 he marries Amber Alice Cook, and 1904 Opaline Esther Doyle is born. We find that Joseph and Amber are still married in 1910. He is now an employer, and contractor. Joseph and Amber are renting, but they are business owners.  In 1917 he was drafted into service for World War I. In 1920 he is single, and living back at home with his mom and dad. He is a contractor, and carpenter. During the year of 1919 Alice is remarried to Mr. Harrington. He works on the railroad. I am not clear where they met or why Joseph was cut out of the picture. Things are looking up for Joseph by 1930. He owns a home that is worth 3500 dollars. He was remarried to Mary F. Burch in Feb. of 1921. 1942 he joins in with the fighting of World War II. After this time I can not find him in any Census,  I believe he goes moves to California at this time. He dies in California  in 1964.

cdbf1825-c39e-4123-a40c-eda6f4fa3f3f-1 Read more

Bitter Sweet

As June quickly approaches I am compelled to remember all those moons ago when we went through renovation on the house that we have loved all these years. After we had our daughter we realized that we would need more space for our children to grow, and places to put all those extras that children and husbands accumulate. LOL! We hired an architect, and it took us a while to find the right construction person that we wanted to work with for months on end. Mark Rolandelli was the gentleman that we chose to go with because he really cared about the job. He went under the house and looked around. He saw that we had a little baby, and instead of telling us that it had to be done right away he suggested we wait a little while. We went with his suggestion. One of his quotes that I will never forget was “You can’t wait for me to get here because I am not here, but once I get here you not going to get rid of me fast enough.”

His team was great. They were here at seven am, and left at 4pm. It took 10 months to get the house done. So many memories in this house. I thought this house was going to be our forever home. I think Mark really hit the nail on the head “This is just a house, your family is where ever the family’s love is.” Such wisdom! Logitech Exif JPEG



Photo Stream

I love Apple products. One of my newest love is Photo Stream. Usually I have utilized photo stream for my iPad, iPhone, and Mac, however when my sister was out here in CA I discovered something I wasn’t doing with my photo stream. Sharing several photos at the same time. My sister and I were able to share all of our photos with each other. How magical is that? I did not have to wait for several days to remind her or her to remind me. It just took a few seconds. Since some of my family members are still on iPad 1, and some are not with Mt. Lion I can still share Photo stream through public Photo Stream. This allows just the people I want to view the photos options to view. Oh, the excitement!!!

Have you learned anything new?