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Marcella Bennett

Marcella was a neighbor of ours. I had mentioned that I love art, later she invited me to her house for tea. I toured her home, and enjoyed viewing the work she did. I purchased several pieces from her that day, and even commissioned two Mission paintings from her.

The one below is in Carmel. I have a collection of Mission paintings from various artists. The bell tower is so special, not only to the church goers but also the community. The community depended on the bells to tell them the time day, and the activity.  It is told the town there was a death that occured. The bells also rang out an emergency, like fires.

Sure, one could argue that time was not of importance to the Native people until the Europeans imposed it on the Natives. The bells were a part of the structure of the European life. The sound of bells shudders within my soul. I really feel overwhelmed with emotion when I hear the bells. It reminds me so much of growing up near a Catholic Church. Do you have a connection with bells?IMG_1908

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