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Nolan Gray

Uncle Nolan was one of those people that died too young. He was only 26 when he drowned in the river. I don’t remember much about him, but I do remember the heartbreak my dad felt when he talked about his older brother. It really chokes me up to think about it.

He was a handsome guy. Sandy brown hair, very tall and athletic. In one of favorite photos of him he is lying with a little dog Cleo. The two of them are lying on the couch, and Uncle Nolan doesn’t fit on the couch. Cleo looks very comfy as Uncle Nolan scratches his tummy.  Cleo, was my grandmothers chihuahua.

Uncle Nolan and my dad used to play baseball until the sun went down. Swim in the river all summer long, and get into all kinds of mischief. Tell secrets to each other as they walked miles up hills everyday to get to school. When one of them would lose their gloves they would share the gloves for the long walks home.

Uncle Nolan worked at Quantico, Virginia for the Marine Corps. He worked as a game warden, and ranked as a sergeant. He in a boat with one other game warden. The boat capsized and Uncle Nolan could not make it to shore, but the other man survived.

We have to live everyday to the fullest. Forgive the people you feel anger toward, anger isn’t good for anyone. Remember the good, forgive the bad, and move forward with purpose!


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