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Gail Salituri

I fell in love with one of the paintings Gail did of the Missions of California. When our family goes to a city we always visit the galleries and antique stores. I wondered into Youngman Gallery in Calistoga, and saw the painting I had to have.

I can’t even tell you what it is about the Missions, but I just love them so much. The history is so rich, and the beauty…ahhhh! Anyway, where was I? Oh right, gushing over the Missions.

The gardens of the Missions fed so many people, and the plants the Brothers brought over from Europe. These are the people to thank for starting wine in California, as well as Olives.

Gail uses beautiful warm colors that are punctuated with vibrant fuchsiaIMG_1914 of the bougainvillea plant. The Bougainvillea is a favorite in California. The bold beauty is found gracefully climbing fences, dressing the sides of homes, and sometimes on a pergola.

The white puffy clouds above the cloister have depth, so much so that one can almost feel the sensation. Can we get on the roof and touch those clouds? It seems as though they are ready to be squeezed.

The trees of the Missions are spectacular too. If you have ever been to the Missions of the south, let me tell you that the smell of pepper perfumes the air. Pepper is one of my favorite scents. It just hangs in the air, taking a deep breathe fills the senses. I can almost smell it now, just viewing the artwork of Gail. Here is a link to her website. Gail Salituri

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