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December Birthdays

My daughter is a December baby. When she was young she had several birthday parties. Her last big party was in the 3rd grade (I think). She had her party at the beginning of December, but she wanted a bonus party on her actual birthday. We did something special as a family. If I remember correctly we went to “Build a Bear”. Since that party she has not wanted another party.

Since this year is her last year at her current school, I thought she would want to do something special. Have a big blow out party! My vision was a bead party, everyone could make bracelets for themselves, one for the kindergarten buddies, and one to share with others. I shared this thought with some of the other ladies (mom’s) in the class. I believe they liked the idea, but when I approached my daughter with the idea she said “NO”. She tells me “Mom, no-one is going to want to come to a party like that…it is too boring.” Really? I mean geez, I want to try to make this last year as special as I can. My kids have never moved, but I have. I know it is hard, even though the children can’t wait to live a country life, and have beaches to go to in the summer. They are going to miss their friends, even though they think they are not going to miss them right now. I want to make happy memories for both of them, so when they think back to elementary school they will reminisces on sweet memories.

It is not easy to have a December birthday, but I will try to find something that will be thrilling for her and her friends before June rolls around in 6 months. YIKES!

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