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Good Deeds

I have always stressed to my children to do good deeds. I show them that I do good deeds too. It is not something that you can just preach and expect your children to do. Doing good deeds starts with the parents. We have to be the ones to care enough to help others.

Both of my children have caught on so well. When my mother in law was sick my son was a great helper for her. He loved vacuuming her carpets for her so much I purchased a vac for him to use at her house. He would also go get the towels out of the dryer for her. He is one of those very engaging children. He talks to all the elderly people at the drug store, and they tell him all about their cats. I don’t appreciate when he used to ask the elderly people if they needed a lift home. LOL!

My daughter likes to be generous, but she is more conservative about giving. Sometimes when we see people that have animals she will ask that we go back and take dog food for the animals so they have food. She does really like filling parking meters. I know we are not suppose to do it, but it is a great way to surprise people when they come back to their car they have some extra time.

This is the season when so many of us are going to have so much. We all need to make more of an effort not only to give during this season, but throughout the year. I read that there is a campaign that has been started to do 26 good deeds for those that have lost their lives. I think this is a great goal for all those involved. Get out there and do some good! Spread some cheer for others!

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