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Happy Birthday!!!

My baby is now a teenager! OMG! Happy Birthday my sweet! Picture 3

Too Fast

The days of the kids playing with puzzles, and testing instruments were so fun. Simple times were so wonderful. Going to the parks on ThursdaysLogitech Exif JPEG, and the zoo’s on Friday. Print outs of animals, and practicing sign language. Ah, the easy days….

Minerva Jane Snodgrass

My great grandmother was not the first one to have the same name. Her Aunt also had the name, but she died when she was very young. The Snodgrass family had some interesting names. Leading me to believe that someone in the family was a reader of the classics. Minerva was the Roman Goddess of wisdom. It wasn’t a popular name at the time that Minerva was named, yet her parents gave her such a heavy name. Ironically, the mother of Minerva was America.


Minerva was born May 15th 1890. She and her sister Mary were married on the same day to the Fizer brothers. George Leonard Lewis Fizer was married to Minerva. Minerva died of hypertension on May 17 1954.MinervaJaneSnodgrassFizer

Sweet and Silly

Over the years of being a parent you learn to appreciate the little things. My daughter is pretty gifted when it comes to drawing. Her artwork is fantastic. My son on the other hand, is more like me…appreciated art, but drawing doesn’t come easy.

When the kids were little I allowed the children to go wild with chalk, paint, and crayons. The chalk drawings my son did on the fence are some of my favorites of his work. Picture 23
Picture 20


Just a view…IMG_3206

Merry Christmas!!!

Here is one of the photos that was taken from the Christmas parade. Hope you all had a great Christmas! IMG_0748

Gail Salituri

I fell in love with one of the paintings Gail did of the Missions of California. When our family goes to a city we always visit the galleries and antique stores. I wondered into Youngman Gallery in Calistoga, and saw the painting I had to have.

I can’t even tell you what it is about the Missions, but I just love them so much. The history is so rich, and the beauty…ahhhh! Anyway, where was I? Oh right, gushing over the Missions.

The gardens of the Missions fed so many people, and the plants the Brothers brought over from Europe. These are the people to thank for starting wine in California, as well as Olives.

Gail uses beautiful warm colors that are punctuated with vibrant fuchsiaIMG_1914 of the bougainvillea plant. The Bougainvillea is a favorite in California. The bold beauty is found gracefully climbing fences, dressing the sides of homes, and sometimes on a pergola.

The white puffy clouds above the cloister have depth, so much so that one can almost feel the sensation. Can we get on the roof and touch those clouds? It seems as though they are ready to be squeezed.

The trees of the Missions are spectacular too. If you have ever been to the Missions of the south, let me tell you that the smell of pepper perfumes the air. Pepper is one of my favorite scents. It just hangs in the air, taking a deep breathe fills the senses. I can almost smell it now, just viewing the artwork of Gail. Here is a link to her website. Gail Salituri

Paul Youngman

We have several pieces of art by Paul in our home. We have two bicycle paintings. I commissioned him to paint the bicycles for me. I was really happy with the paintings too. The use of color, light and shadow are perfect. The bicycle has hints that the rider of the bike is going to have a picnic. Bread, wine, and a table cloth are all ready. The faithful dog is ready to go along with the rider. The shadow of the dog is just beside him, and so is the bike.

The architecture of the building says to me that the rider may have chosen the bottle of wine from their own personal cellar. The rider may also be going to have said picnic on their own property.

The other bike Paul painted for me is red.IMG_1917

December Birthdays

My daughter is a December baby. When she was young she had several birthday parties. Her last big party was in the 3rd grade (I think). She had her party at the beginning of December, but she wanted a bonus party on her actual birthday. We did something special as a family. If I remember correctly we went to “Build a Bear”. Since that party she has not wanted another party.

Since this year is her last year at her current school, I thought she would want to do something special. Have a big blow out party! My vision was a bead party, everyone could make bracelets for themselves, one for the kindergarten buddies, and one to share with others. I shared this thought with some of the other ladies (mom’s) in the class. I believe they liked the idea, but when I approached my daughter with the idea she said “NO”. She tells me “Mom, no-one is going to want to come to a party like that…it is too boring.” Really? I mean geez, I want to try to make this last year as special as I can. My kids have never moved, but I have. I know it is hard, even though the children can’t wait to live a country life, and have beaches to go to in the summer. They are going to miss their friends, even though they think they are not going to miss them right now. I want to make happy memories for both of them, so when they think back to elementary school they will reminisces on sweet memories.

It is not easy to have a December birthday, but I will try to find something that will be thrilling for her and her friends before June rolls around in 6 months. YIKES!

James Preston Fizer

I love to share information about ancestors. There are some that I really just don’t have a lot of inform


ation to share. For one reason or another there just doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of facts out there to gather. It is most unfortunate when I can only find the dry details of the lives of my ancestors. Then again, there is always hope that someone out there will also be related to James Preston Fizer and they can help fill in the gaps. Give me a glimpse of what their life was like, their personality, some personal details.

James was born May 19, 1860 in Putnam County, West Virginia. He was married to Mariah Gordon Persinger at the age of 18 on November 23 1878. In 1900 the family lived in Curry, Putnam County, West Virginia. In 1930 the family moves to Elk, in Kanawha County, West Virginia. Nine years later he moves again to Cabin Creek, Kanawha County. He died in 1942.