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Elf On The Shelf Is Headless

Sure, I know it is a big deal these days to have an Elf On The Shelf. More than likely it has something to do with people wanting to continue the tradition. So, here is the story…This is at least how I remember it.

We lived in a small house when I was young. Every Christmas we had a faux tree with big bulb lights. We had the giant plastic Santa head for the window of the front room. Then there was the Elf On The Shelf. Personally, I hated the way his beady little eyes looked like he wanted to get into trouble. My mom moved it around, and this particular action just made me hate it even more everyday of the Christmas season. I couldn’t even sleep properly because I would cover my head dreading the thought that it would come into my room. It was just too creepy…this little thing being allowed to roam the house. Why wouldn’t my mother put it in a cage? I just did not get it. I asked “Why does he even have to come out of the Christmas box?” It was even more disturbing that we put all the decorations up on my birthday, adding to my torment! Great! The Elf On The Shelf is fretted from the Christmas box on my birthday.

One year I had it with the Elf! My mom told us that the Elf drank the last bit of the milk. I wanted some milk that morning, and the Elf blamed me. Mom said “The Elf said you drank the last of the milk!” I did not, I protested…That thing is lying! I waited until after we were forced to watch Hee Haw, and grabbed him. I whispered to the Elf “This is the last time you will walk around this house.” I ripped the head off the the Elf. We never got another one, and I did not continue the tradition.

Do you have an Elf On The Shelf?

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