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Vieni Vai (San Luis Obispo)

Our family likes to try something different each time we visit our new home area. San Luis Obispo is located right in the middle of the California Coast. Half way between San Francisco, and Los Angeles, a treasure known as San Luis Obispo.

We had some extra time in the day to go visit our “big city” area. I can’t even begin to tell you how lovely the whole area is! Anyway, we were starting to get a little hungry after all our walking around and taking in the sites. It was time to eat! Since we are Italian it is hard not to choose something Italian. It is our favorite! I was really in the mood for a pizza, and we saw Vieni Vai across the street. We got into the restaurant and were welcomed by all right away. Our waitress was a young girl, and so very helpful! I just love when a waitress checks on coffee status just the right time. Not too much, but not allowing me to sit without my cup being filled. Perfect timing! I had the Margarita Pizza, and I have to say the pizza was second only to the pizza I had at the Venetian Hotel. We watched the pizza’s being made in the little pizza oven inside the restaurant. My daughter and I split a piece of chocolate cake too.

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