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Duck Dynasty

Usually, I hate reality television. My husband likes to watch some car building and motorbike building shows, but I watch something on Netflix while he watches those shows. I will also pin things to my pinterest boards.

One day after cleaning the kitchen my husband was watching Duck Dynasty I let out a vocal sigh. In a hope that he would get the hint that I did not want to watch some reality show. He exclaimed “You have got to see this…these guys are really funny.” UGH, I said…”It is about hunting?” Just give it a try, he said. I did, and just a few minutes into the show I was cracking up laughing out loud.

I must confess…I have even watched the show without my husband. I really like all the guys, wives and children are adorable too. The show is all about the a family that lives in Louisiana. They make duck calls, and the duck call business has made them millionaires. The family has fun, works hard, and lives by their own rules. They have a philosophy that is embraceable. Which revolves around family, living close to the land.

The family doesn’t curse or drink. At least I have not seen a show that they curse. The phrase they use is “good night” which I find hysterical. The family also says “Happy, Happy, Happy”. I must say this show is worth keeping on the air. This is a family that love each other, have fun, and have made their own dynasty. I promise if you watch the show you won’t be disappointed! You will laugh out loud and from your belly! The bonus is YOUR WHOLE FAMILY can watch and enjoy!!!

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