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Karen Cleary

Karen Cleary is an artist that lives in Buffalo, NY. She paints some of the most beautiful nature scenes (plaine aire paintings). She has painted some horse scenes for me, picnic, as well as butterfly and hummingbird.

This one is a detail of the painting with two hummingbirds. The hummingbird in the foreground has his tongue out and ready to take in the goodness of the nectar.The bright multitude of colors on the birds are just as iridescent in the painting as they are in real life. This could very well be a window to the garden from any kitchen.  The pink flowers on the tree look as though they are exploding with fragrance. Each branch looks so clear, you just know the sound the branch will make if it is snapped. The leaves on the tree have a such a soft texture to them. The sage green with a tinge of grey invites the viewer to rub the leaves.

Her work is magical!

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