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Ancestors of Ours

No matter how often I read the wills, newspaper clippings, and journals of my ancestors the more I appreciate the ancestors of ALL the people that have lived the life they have. So many of our ancestors had it rough. Can you imagine going through life the way our ancestors did so long ago?

The reason I post on Friday about Family is because of all the remarkable lives of our forefathers. Not just my ancestors, but as a collective reflection. I appreciate all the hardships they had to endure. Some went through much more than any one person is suppose to go through. Because of all the sacrifice they had to make I am here today. I owe it not only to my paternal side, but also my maternal. I just don’t get people that only focus on one side ,it took both people to make each of us. 

There are some of my family that I find perplexing. Hazel, would have been my Great Aunt. She was playing with her friend that lived in the Hollow. The girls were playing with matches. Hazel was called to dinner. She put the wooden match that she did not get lit back into the box with all the wooden matches. As she ran up the hill to her little red house with her apron blowing in the wind the match caught fire. The match then caught all the other matches on fire, and shortly there after Hazel was on fire. She was knocked down and rolled in the dirt. Hazel was carried to the house, and put on a bed. Two of the other kids ran to go get the doctor. The doctor showed up and rubbed the little 4 year old body with oil. Which only exacerbates the burns. He did not know that he was causing more damage. Hazel lived 6 days. I can only imagine the kind of pain that she had to go through before her life ended. I am sure listening to your baby sister or your daughter must have felt so helpless.  The kids also lost their mother after the birth of my grandfather Asa.

Another Great, Great Great grandfather had to walk the trial of tears with his daughter. He was never considered a citizen, and less of a human being. If it was found out that the two were married they would lose custody of their children. Actually Sarah had to give her children to the state of Virginia more than once because the State suspected that she was harboring an Indian. Her brother would end up with the children, so she could see them. Since he had to leave the two of them thought it was best to take one of the girls with him since she looked TOO Indian to live among the WHITE people. The information I know about them is a beautiful story.

There are so many stories that I want to share with the world about my family. I would love to find out someday that some of the memory they once had is somehow passed on to us. A little bit of their lives are passed on to us.

Finding more about each of them really allows the core of my being become known to me. For me to share with the rest of the world. What is it that you would like to find out about your ancestors?

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