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Using just plain stationery, you know the BLAH emails you get. Well, I can’t stand them. When I got my first Apple I don’t know if there was any great stationery, but by the 2007 it was even on mail. Oh, I just love it. I really had to have more. I went to MACWORLD, I can’t even think about it without almost peeing my pants. It really is so exciting. If you love all things Mac, this is a place that is unforgettable! Imagine if you will…Disneyland for adult Mac Geeks.

Oops! I got a little sidetracked.

My favorite stationery is by a company called equinux Just a click and the background is changed from one color to many other colors. There are birthday cards to tv cards. Telling your friends your new iphone # just got a lot fancier and more sophisticated. If you get it on your Mac you also have to have it on your iPad, and iPhone. No more sorry, sloppy plain text. Get with it! Send something with style!

There are other stationery packets too. I also have Mail Stationery 1 and 2. These two are download are reload to the bar, but they are beautiful too. People with out a Mac do not seem to react as passionate about getting these messages, so I am not 100 percent that the stationery image goes through to some people. Or they are just super bland. I am not sure. I will get back with you and let you know the answer once I find out. 😉

So, check these out, and don’t write me anymore bland emails. Especially if you have a Mac or any Apple device. You have been warned! LOL!

Enjoy your Tuesday!

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