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Sunday, Sunday

Sundays, for me, they are so special. At various times in my life Sundays have had a different focus. Growing up…we did not have a “family religion”, but curiosity got the best of me. Finding out what all the hype was about for so many families was just a personal must. Since no one else was interested I had to go on my own research tour of sorts. Going on a bus to Sunday School, Pow Wow’s, and everything in between. Screaming “You are going to burn in Hell” did not equate with how I saw God.

I started visiting a Catholic Church near our house, and I really liked it. No one was screaming, and everyone held hands during “Our Father”. It seemed more compassionate, more accepting that I was human, and capable of making mistakes.  My dad was not crazy about me becoming Catholic. I didn’t know it, but our family fought to become Protestants. Our family were Huguenots. (More about that on a Family Friday).

Other times in my life I helped my younger sister deliver the Sunday paper in High School. I hated that so much!!! The part of helping her I did like was driving to the bakery after we were done. I hated the smell of the newspapers, stuffing the papers, and delivering them right to the door. UGH! What a pain! After the whole thing it was still dark outside, and we had the keys to the car. I would drive us to the bakery, and we would each get a donut and some chocolate milk. The fun part was just talking with my sister. We had just accomplished this huge task by ourselves, and this was OUR time. We would just talk for so long. I just loved that so much.

Into College I went back to Catholicism. I took religion classes, and many science classes. I guess there were times when I questioned if I really believed, but time and time again miracles happened in my life. Once I was in line for my coffee at McDonalds. My car broke down in the drive through. I coasted down the hill, and over to a parking space. I leaned my head against the steering wheel in disbelief. I had just got a job that I had to get to in a few minutes. Right when I thought all was lost for the job an old man appears out of no where. I can still see him today. He had on a long black coat, leather gloves, and a hat. He looked like he was about 80. He knocked on the window, and asked how he could help me. I told him my car just stopped working. He told me to pop the hood. I did it, and what ever it was he did in the 2 seconds that he was under the hood it worked. My car was running. I thanked him, and he told me “Don’t mention it my child”. I was on my way to work at substitute teaching at a Catholic school. Praying helps me get through. I have gone to church many years in the winter, left my gloves, in a hope that someone without gloves would take them home and use them.

So usually, I post my Sunday School curricula, but I felt like just sharing some insight about me. I hope you all enjoy your Sunday. I think one of the greatest things about any positive religion is community. Community, and sharing a little bit of your day in contemplation about something that is bigger than yourself is strengthening to your well-being. I don’t understand why people have to bash others for what they believe or don’t believe. Appreciation of our differences and understanding our differences is being a better person. We all have more in common than differences, so why not listen with an open heart. I don’t preach my religion to others, but I am willing and curious about the various beliefs of others. Next week I will be back to posting about Sunday School since there may be others that could use it, and have fun with it.

I wish you all a Happy Sunday.

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