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Elf On The Shelf Is Headless

Sure, I know it is a big deal these days to have an Elf On The Shelf. More than likely it has something to do with people wanting to continue the tradition. So, here is the story…This is at least how I remember it.

We lived in a small house when I was young. Every Christmas we had a faux tree with big bulb lights. We had the giant plastic Santa head for the window of the front room. Then there was the Elf On The Shelf. Personally, I hated the way his beady little eyes looked like he wanted to get into trouble. My mom moved it around, and this particular action just made me hate it even more everyday of the Christmas season. I couldn’t even sleep properly because I would cover my head dreading the thought that it would come into my room. It was just too creepy…this little thing being allowed to roam the house. Why wouldn’t my mother put it in a cage? I just did not get it. I asked “Why does he even have to come out of the Christmas box?” It was even more disturbing that we put all the decorations up on my birthday, adding to my torment! Great! The Elf On The Shelf is fretted from the Christmas box on my birthday.

One year I had it with the Elf! My mom told us that the Elf drank the last bit of the milk. I wanted some milk that morning, and the Elf blamed me. Mom said “The Elf said you drank the last of the milk!” I did not, I protested…That thing is lying! I waited until after we were forced to watch Hee Haw, and grabbed him. I whispered to the Elf “This is the last time you will walk around this house.” I ripped the head off the the Elf. We never got another one, and I did not continue the tradition.

Do you have an Elf On The Shelf?

View from Terreni D Oro

Christmas Shopping

We did not do Black Friday. In fact I have never participated in Black Friday. Cyber Monday, not so much either. I usually know exactly what I am getting for everyone. I like to go by a list, and get it all done. I am done shopping for my family. Now, I just have to get a few odds and ends to finish up for the holiday season. One of the things I got was the Leap Pad Explorer 2 for my nephew. I am pretty excited about him having it in his sticky little hands. LOL! Are you done?

Vieni Vai (San Luis Obispo)

Our family likes to try something different each time we visit our new home area. San Luis Obispo is located right in the middle of the California Coast. Half way between San Francisco, and Los Angeles, a treasure known as San Luis Obispo.

We had some extra time in the day to go visit our “big city” area. I can’t even begin to tell you how lovely the whole area is! Anyway, we were starting to get a little hungry after all our walking around and taking in the sites. It was time to eat! Since we are Italian it is hard not to choose something Italian. It is our favorite! I was really in the mood for a pizza, and we saw Vieni Vai across the street. We got into the restaurant and were welcomed by all right away. Our waitress was a young girl, and so very helpful! I just love when a waitress checks on coffee status just the right time. Not too much, but not allowing me to sit without my cup being filled. Perfect timing! I had the Margarita Pizza, and I have to say the pizza was second only to the pizza I had at the Venetian Hotel. We watched the pizza’s being made in the little pizza oven inside the restaurant. My daughter and I split a piece of chocolate cake too.

Alda E. Tribble Smith Gray

She was born October 12 1886, or at least that is what we think. If this is true then she is the daughter of Christopher Monroe Smith, but I have seen other information that says she wasn’t born until 1888. If that is true then she is the child of H. C. Tribble. Her mother Phoebe married Hill right after Christopher died. Each of them had 10 children, and the children could not get along so that marriage did not last. It is part of the legend that Phoebe was pregnant when when she married Hill, but Alda lived with thinking that Hill was her father and not Christopher.

She was very close to her family, because one of the sisters came to live with Howard Asa Gray after Alda passed away from complications from giving birth. Here is a photo I have of Alda with one of her sisters. Alda is the tall one on the right side. 

Happy Thanksgiving

This is our last year in the San Francisco Bay Area. I can’t believe that I started off with a job offer from “Ripley’s Believe it or Not” museum, and now I am going to be starting my own museum. Whew! I lived in San Francisco in a cute apartment by Golden Gate park. I walked my little dog Anima a Maltese everyday and night in the Golden Gate park. I went rollerblading in the park on Sundays after Mass at St. Ignatius Church. My husband and I met on Yahoo.

We met in a chat room, and then talked on the phone. We decided to meet each other at 10 am on a Saturday. Both of us had the idea of meeting at the Clipper Ships, by the big clock. He was early, and was there waiting for me with a huge big red bag. The bag had a giant black teddy bear in it.

We got married at Saint Ignatius, and even stranger…the first day I came into San Francisco I told my friend “I am going to get married in that Church.” I did!

My husband and I started off in this house, and have grown so much! I am Thankful for everyday, family, friends, and for all the people I meet. Everyday is an opportunity to do a little better. Here is a photo of our humble beginning.


We have been through this before, so we know how it works. We had our current house done when our children were very young. We made a game out of going outside to the pavilion everyday. Now, we are renovating two homes at the same time. One we will move into soon, and the other is our extra home in the Bay Area. It has been a tiring process. All day yesterday we were working for the contractors. Trying to find the perfect pieces for the renovations. Here is a peak at the area where my oven is going. 

My Sacred Time

No, it is not an app. The business of holiday season is so exhausting. Since I am so tired. I will just share a photo from this weekend. Here is a view from our front door.

Duck Dynasty

Usually, I hate reality television. My husband likes to watch some car building and motorbike building shows, but I watch something on Netflix while he watches those shows. I will also pin things to my pinterest boards.

One day after cleaning the kitchen my husband was watching Duck Dynasty I let out a vocal sigh. In a hope that he would get the hint that I did not want to watch some reality show. He exclaimed “You have got to see this…these guys are really funny.” UGH, I said…”It is about hunting?” Just give it a try, he said. I did, and just a few minutes into the show I was cracking up laughing out loud.

I must confess…I have even watched the show without my husband. I really like all the guys, wives and children are adorable too. The show is all about the a family that lives in Louisiana. They make duck calls, and the duck call business has made them millionaires. The family has fun, works hard, and lives by their own rules. They have a philosophy that is embraceable. Which revolves around family, living close to the land.

The family doesn’t curse or drink. At least I have not seen a show that they curse. The phrase they use is “good night” which I find hysterical. The family also says “Happy, Happy, Happy”. I must say this show is worth keeping on the air. This is a family that love each other, have fun, and have made their own dynasty. I promise if you watch the show you won’t be disappointed! You will laugh out loud and from your belly! The bonus is YOUR WHOLE FAMILY can watch and enjoy!!!

Going Further

One of the saddest things about some of the people I know is that they have no idea how powerful their Mac is. Most of the time it has to do with learning about the Mac, and there are so many ways to take the mystery out of it.

Follow these links to help yourself find some great information.

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