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Green Acres

Over the years living in the city has been more for me. During the formative years, I attended residential camps, and visited my Aunt in West Virginia for weeks at a time. As I got older I was a camp counselor at the residential camp when I was a teen. That is really the extent of my country experience. Now, I am moving.We recently just moved our first boxes to the new house.

Since I have always been a bit of a sissy I always wear some jewelry. I love ornamenting myself with a little bling. My husband has teased me about being like “Green Acres”. I like the idea of chickens, but I haven’t been to close to them. I have rode horses, but being close to cows and pigs are a little scary to me. Recently I took some photos of the cows on Terreni D’ Oro, but I have never touched them. I want to take some photos of the tarantulas that try to find mates in October, but I would FREAK if one of them got into the house. I don’t like mice at all, and seeing them frightens me more that the thought of a tarantula entering the home.

So since my husband first suggested that we make a little “Green Acres” funny video I am on board. I think it would be hysterical. What do you think?

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