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President (If I Were Running)

If you are like me you are sick of all the political bull. I have thought about the issues, and if I were running for President here is where I would stand on the issues.

Legalize Hemp Have you read the research? Hemp can be used is so many applications. It has been found to help the tensile strength for roadways and bridges. It is sustainable, and be used for cloth, paper, and the list is endless. Hemp was used at the beginning of the developing of our country. President Washington and many of the other pillars of our nation grew it, and more importantly used it. Dow chemical was one of the leaders to make it illegal to grow hemp. Come on Dow…we need to strengthen our infrastructure. If Dow can do so much with plastic think about all that they could do with Hemp these days.

Ramifications…since city dwellers could grow hemp that be utilized for commodities that are not for human consumption many people could grow it. We could have various grades of Hemp. Since the city versions of the product would have traces of mercury, and other metals we could utilize those plants for building roads, bridges, and buildings. Having all these extra plants growing in the city will also clean the air. We could also use the seeds of the Hemp to power cars. There is an endless array of ways we could utilize it and strengthen our economy, infrastructure, and boost the moral of our country. Having contributors from all walks of life participating in making America stronger, building her up to where we should be!

Bamboo is another crop that could be grown just about anywhere, and it is known to not only clean the air but the water as well. The bamboo can be utilized like hemp. It is strong, and is a sustainable resource. If the area is clean where the bamboo is grown the bamboo can be made into clothing items. If the area is in the city we can use that bamboo for fences, hardwood floors, and other building materials.

Taxes We have one flat tax. Everyone pays a percentage 10% to the Federal Government, and 5% to your state. The Federal Government will have to learn how to utilize the money that they have. States will have to also hire an accountant that knows how to count. Any entity that is sponsored by the government has to show how they spend their money. Schools, Public Works,  etc.

People that flee the country because they don’t want to pay the tax should have be taxed extra for leaving the country especially if they started their corporation in United States.

Immigration If you come to United States you must apply to stay for x amount of time or apply to become a citizen. Every other country has laws for people to become citizens and so do we. Apply for a Visa or citizenship. There are many stories of sucess from people that have worked hard to get where they are. People should work, and not get hand outs for coming into our country illegally.

Welfare No-one should make more money with welfare than working. Our system is broken, when people would rather be on welfare than work. Welfare would be on a limited bases. Only people with real disabilities would be allowed to receive welfare for a prolonged period. People would also have to work doing something. If on welfare and your child attends a public school then you would have to volunteer for the school doing something. Paperwork, stuffing folders, etc.

Audit what the people are spending their welfare on, and do drug screening. If they can afford tattoos, drugs, and sweets then they are obviously getting too much money.

Passion…people have dreams. Even if people are on welfare there is a dream in their heart. Once more people are doing something for the money that they are given the people might want to get back to pursuing their dream instead of collecting a hand out from the government.

Other Countries So much of our tax payer money goes for helping other countries. We are in debt! We have no money to help fund ANY other county. We need to worry about the people in our own county. Lets help each other. There are tribes of Native Americans living in conditions that are worse than a third world country. That is unacceptable, we need to help our own people help themselves! There are pockets of our country that are suffering. Where are all the celebrities to help our own people? Is it because they get more attention to help Africa?

Marriage Everyone should be able to marry whomever they want. I get it that some people don’t like to witness public display of affection. Honestly, I don’t care if they are straight or gay. If people are not attractive it is hard to be a witness to it. People should be allowed to do what they want in the privacy of their own home. Except hurt children.

Guns  If a person has not committed a violent crime they should be allowed to own a gun. Yes, people have been shot by accident. People have been run over by cars. Accidents have happened in the bathtub. Do we get rid of anything that could cause an accident? No! People need to take classes to learn how to be a responsible owner of a weapon.

Health Care Nothing is free. Someone has to pay for “free”. People that wants Universal health coverage from the government have to pay for it. Heath Care is expensive, for those that don’t have health coverage and want the government to provide it they will pay an additional 2% of their income to get it.

If a person is on welfare or very low income they can grow hemp and for “fair trade” value they would be allotted so much for their trade.

Charity Helping fellow countrymen will not only help your taxes. If a person gives 2% of their  income to charity they will save it from their taxes. Since 2% could be a lot of money from the very wealthy % would have to be divided over 100K. The tax break would only be good for helping our own fellow countrymen. If a person wants to help another country or entity in another country it would be a because of their own generosity.

Religion Religion and state should always be separate. We don’t want to go back in time. We have learned what happens when one religion becomes the dominate religion. Our country was founded on freedom of religion. People should be allowed to worship whomever or whatever they believe in as long as it does not bring any harm to others.

Prison If you are a criminal you will have to pay to go to jail. For everyday in prison it will cost you money. Prisoners must work!!! They have to grow their own food, and harvest it. They will keep livestock that they care for and sell. This may also become something that a prison loves to do, and thus job training. If a person is good at some kind of craft they can work in one area like the cafeteria then save the money to the prison bank, and then use the money for their passion in jail. Like sewing machine to learn furniture or car upholstery.

Murder or Child Abuse; If any person murders someone they will be put to death themselves. If not the death penalty and there is DNA evidence of said murder they will get no appeal on the tax payers dime. Said person will live in a tiny cell with no tv, no internet, and bland food. They will also be sterilized so they will not be able to have any more children to bring into the world.

Child Abuse, anyone that commits a sexual act of any kind will be sterilized, and or castrated. If abusing a child the child will be taken out of custody. The child will be given up for adoption to a loving family that wants to have a child!

Education If one receives a free education that person will have to intern at a job one believes will be their passion. If after the one year of internship they want to go to college they will have some experience in the field before studying said field. If the person wants to change their major they go back to giving one year of internship.

War We need to figure out what is worth going to war for these days. We become more self reliant on our energy, and have everyone that is a super power invest in world order. We should  not have to send our children to war for other countries. Many countries want us involved when it is convieient for them, but don’t want us there for other reasons. We went to war to Iraq and took down Saddam, when he was committing genocide to his own people. Now, are we obligated to do the same for other countries? Why is it okay to help one country and not another country? Where do we draw the line?

The golden rule is best…treat others the way you want to be treated! Everyone needs to stop being so hateful to each other. Our politicians are able to collect healthcare, pension, and secret service. Our offices used to be volunteer based. Politicians should have to find a real job, just like the rest of us. We don’t get to work for 4 years and continue to collect. This is white collar welfare. The politicians really need to work together to get their work done. I am sick of reading about how little our politicians get done.

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