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Language Apps

Flashcards For Kids Although this one is for children it is fun and gives the option of mixing it up as you get better.

Gengo Cards So many variations, and one can use it as flashcards or game.

Lonely Planet Many different languages, and tools allow a person communicate with someone if one wishes to communicate person to person.

Busuu Not really crazy about it since there are so many upgrades that nickel and dime a person. 1 star.

Mind Snacks Cute and fun, but again with the upgrades. Maybe 1 1/2 stars.

Word Race Flash cards that are timed and the game is part of game center.

Words it This is words that are scrabbled, and one must unscramble the words. This is one of my favorite!

Linguatrivia Options are available for easy, fair and intense. It give a question in the language and one must answer it in the language correctly.

ispeak Italian I used to like this one until I found itranslate This app has several languages, and speak the words and it will say it and you can read it. LOVE< LOVE LOVE

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