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Redneck Royalty

Many years ago I was researching my Adkins roots. My Snodgrass line meets with Adkins line. I believe all the lines are important. All of your ancestors have contributed DNA, and make you who you are. Not just one line or another. You can’t just pick and chose all the blended characteristics and histories are now ours. It is our job to share with others, connect the dots, try to find out all we can.

So, My America Adkins born in 1857 in what was then Virginia. He parents were Luke G. Adkins (1830-1919)



and Elizabeth Lovejoy (1837-1854). America marries John Snodgrass in 1882. The two of them go on to have 8 children. My great grandmother was Minerva. She and her sister Mary will marry the Fizer brothers.

What about the Redneck Royalty? Ok, ok, I am getting to it! Keep your pants on for a minute.

Mary Adkins was “involved with Jacob Harley”….

Mary’s death is calculated between 1814-20 in Cabell Co.She is buried in an unmarked grave on Beech Fork at the mouth of Bowen’s Creek. She settled in land that was granted to her oldest son David for his service in the Revolutionary war. David himself settled in what is today Lawrence Co. Kentucky on land that he also had been granted for his Revolutionary service.

Jacob Harley, born the Earl of Oxford abt 1730 England. Son of the third English/Brit Earl of Oxford came to America as a Tax Collector and met Mary Adkins, and by common law marriage (significant other), lived with her and was the parent of several children Mary Adkins d/o William V and Elizabeth Parker Adkins SR. in Virginia. Mary was born 12 OCT 1735 – Richland, Goochland, Virginia died: 1820 Cabell, Virginia – Beech Hill, Mason, West Virginia and buried in an unmarked grave on Beech Fork – Mouth of Bowen’s Creek.

When trouble between the Colonies and England began, Jacob returned to England without his family. At his death he left a large sum of money to his son Jacob, but he refused to go to England to claim his fortune. Instead, in 1779, he, along with his mother, brothers and sisters crossed the Allegheny Mountains and later, settled in the Beech Fork section of what is now Wayne County, West Virginia.

Reference: Grace Gregory’s” Book of Remembrance” Records that Jacob was a descendant of the third Earl of Oxford.

Jacob Harley (known as the “Earl of Oxford“), the son of the third Earl of

Oxford, a Royalist.

The debate between the Adkins family is not only about Jacob (if that was his name), but also the Parkers may have been linked to Native Americans. I will have to do more research before I post it.

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