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Gardening and Art

Gardening with your children is a special time in their lives. We studied plants, animals, art, and science outdoors. When my sone was 18 months old we invested in a vermicomposter. We get the plastic bin, and a couple of days later we got our worms. Red wigglers, that we added to newspaper that we had shredded. The newspaper was wet, and then we added apple cores, and coffee grounds. We have had the vermicomposter all these years to show the children they don’t have to throw everything in the trash there is a better way to dispose of our garbage that can go back to the earth. These same products that we bought at the store will help bring life to our new plants.

Once we used some of our “black gold”, the material that had been digested by the worms will then become rich soil for the plants. We would plant pumpkins, tomatoes, basil, lavender, rosemary, beans, strawberries,  peas, and marigolds. We would plant our seeds, water them and the kids would draw and paint pictures of their growth.

We had an animal that was eating our strawberries so we looked up the footprints of the animals to try to identify what animal was coming into the yard and devouring our berries. We also did science experiments outside as often as we could. We would research where the ants were coming from, and how much water it took for the ants to start carrying the eggs to the surface. Where did the ants want to take their eggs? What kind of tiny insects are on the leaves? We purchased ladybugs and released them in the yard. Counted how many stayed, and for how long. We also purchased praying mantis, and then would track them too.

I also allowed the children to take their own photographs. Even when they were very young they loved to take photos and show me what they discovered. What is in your back yard?

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