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Food Apps

Italian Cooking Gives a few recipes. Although limiting and not many recipes if one is a beginner than this might be a good app. I would give it two stars.

Epicurious This app works overtime on pleasing people and even gives reviews of the recipes that have been tried. I like it!!! 5 stars!

Baking This gives recipes along with photos, as step by step process. Great for beginners!

Cookbook This is one of those apps, that want you to add on for more money. Soooo, I give it 2 stars.

Crockpot I can’t remember if I paid for this or not, but I would not pay for it. Many of the recipes that I thought would be interesting give a disclosure that the recipe has not been tried. WOW! Just go on pinterest and find something there.  NO STARS!

icookbook It has a lot of shortcuts, and I would rather make the dish from scratch if I am going to use a recipe.  3 stars


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