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McPhee’s Grill

We have visited twice so far. We have made plans to make this a place to meet our friends on Friday evenings. The outside of the Grill doesn’t give the impression of an upscale feel, but once inside that perception has changed immediately.

The people are warm and inviting. The ambiance is filled with whimsy. There are pigs, lots of pigs. Giving more of a provincial feel, the upscale pigs that are going to be on your plate. The seating was comfortable, and there is more room inside than meets the eye. My coffee was topped off just the right amount of times. I don’t like to be constantly asked about my coffee, or even when I still have so much in the cup.

We did not have to wait an extraordinary amount of time for our food. Everyone else likes beef, so they had burgers with fries. Everyone liked their burgers and fries, and the fries got very high marks. Everyone talked about how super yummy they were. I had a few of them, and I must agree. Those fries were delicious!

Pizza was the my dish of choice. I also had the Caesar Salad. Both were really good. The dressing for the salad was creamy and tasty. The greens were very fresh and crunchy.

My daughter and I shared the dessert of Cheesecake with rasberry sauce. OH SO HEAVENLY! Really, it was worth stuffing myself to have the cheesecake. It was rich and decadent! You must go…although we did not have to make reservations, I understand that sometimes calling ahead is a good idea. Make sure you get a table and call them.

Eat well my friends!

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