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George Leonard Lewis Franklin Fizer

George was born in August 27th 1889 in Putnam County, West Virginia. His parents were James Preston and his mother was Mariah Gordon Persinger.


When George was 10 he was living with his grandmother and grandfather. Peter and Margret had many people living under one roof. Ten people living under one roof, ranging in ages from 78 to 3. They lived in the Curry District.

He was married at the age of 18 to Minerva Jane Snodgrass. His brother married the sister of Minerva on the very same day.

When he was 28 he states on his draft card that he was a mater man. I have no idea what occupation that is. He was employed by Christfam Callies Co. The company was in Madam, WV. He had gray eyes and black hair. His complexion was listed as ruddy.

By the time he is drafted to WWII he has a crippled left leg. He is 6 feet tall, and only weights in at 148lbs.

He died in 1963. He is listed as a miner at some time in his life.

I hope to know more about him, and maybe a photo.


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