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Kids and Computer

When my children were preschoolers they were playing games on the computer. These days there are so many more apps, and even sites for children to visit. The question is… are they safe? Well, first off, you have to keep an eye on your children and research the places you allow them to go on the internet.

Enchanted learning has always been a favorite of mine for the children. Cosmeo is another one. Mathletics is one the kids still use.

Our children have Mac’s, and we limit what sites they are allowed to access. When I do updates to their computers I check their history and find out what kind of sites they have tried to access. I believe the best policy is be honest with your children. Just as reality, there are good people and bad people. On the internet we don’t know what the people look like, what they do, or anything. Someone can pretend to something or someone they are not. Don’t regard information on the web as factual.

When they are very young games limited to 20 to 30 minutes are good. Once they get older you will want them to have freedom, but also be honest. Let them know they are not allowed to post their address, photos of the outside of their home, the school they attend.

Even though my children are now teenagers I don’t allow them to have Facebook. The children are around their friends enough at school, and then to come home and do homework with Facebook lurking in the background. No thanks! I think it may be even worse for girls. So much drama over NO thing. The children are allowed to email their friends, and have phone calls.

How do you handle computers and children?


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