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Healthy Apps 2

Heart Rate This app does what the name implies. It takes your pulse and stores it to compare with other times that you decide that you want to find out your heart rate. One could also get reminders to check your heart rate.

iCaduceus This is a great app. I would give it a 5 out of 5 stars. It has aliments from a-z. It gives the etymology, symptoms, physical exam, differential diagnosis, treatment overview, nutrition, homeopathy, supplements, and botanicals.

medicinal plants Plants are listed from a-z and information is given about the plant, where it is grown and what it has been used throughout the years.

The Human Body Anatomy of the human body. All aspect of the body, and what they do for us.

Home Natural Remedies Another a-z list of aliments with remedies that we all have at home.

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