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My baby went to her first dance. It was something that she had been looking forward to for weeks. She had her clothes picked out and marked with a little yellow post it note. Finally the day gets here, and she left the house a happy girl. Filled with so much confidence, hope, and spirit.

I went to pick her up, and thought I would see a super happy girl. She had a look of pure disappointment. Her fellow classmates left her out of getting photos taken. She still had her ticket with her when she cam home. She asked other girls to go into the Photo Booth, and none of the girls went in with her. No boys asked her to dance. She told me that she and another girl were the only ones in her grade that did not dance with a boy.

She cried and cried. I have got to tell you that seeing your baby with her heart broken in really devastating. I have told her that being a part of a clique in not the way to go. She is polite and friendly. I just feel bad for her. I don’t want to take her out shopping to have her buy her way out of her sadness or buy her some food snack that she would want.

I am a bit at a loss. I had hope that her last year at this school would be a great one. A year that she would fondly remember.

I just want to hold her, and kiss her little forehead.

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