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Anniversary Today

Today 15 years ago I said “I do”. I can’t believe all we have been through, we are still going strong. We went through a major remodel of our house. Ten months to complete. Our house had to be jacked up so they could excavate under the house to make it bigger. We heard over and over, nothing tries a marriage more than renovating a house. That happened over 12 years ago.

We looked for our country home for a couple of years in Napa, Sonoma area, but we really fell in love with San Luis Obispo. We looked for a place for 5 years, and went through 3 escrows. The first two were GREATLY disappointing! Things worked out for the best! We found the most beautiful area, and we have businesses to support our family. YEAH!

Both of us are a little OCD about things. My husband can not stand to have the fringes of the carpet out of order. He likes the strings straight. LOL Believe me, I am not without my own character flaws. We won’t go into those though.

So, Since this is a special Anniversary I got a Wedding Box. This little chest was given to Brides with a special gift. This one came with the key. The inside of the crystal box with gold over bronze French Ormolu accents. These boxes were very popular during the early 1800’s through the 1920’s. More for the aristocratic families, since they were very expensive to make. They were made by hand, and this one is made of rock crystal. It takes a lot of time to carve and then polish the crystal into the shape, and then casting the bronze pieces add on the crystal.

It is a special box for a special time! La Bella Vita!

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