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Trailer 101 Sales

If you are going to have a ranch then you have to have a trailer. At least that is what my husband tells me. LOL   I am more reluctant than he is to buy more stuff for the ranch. He finally talked me into getting a trailer. Believe me, my husband did his research. It seemed as though we would never get a trailer already. He was on the phone often talking about the weight, tow capacity and a bunch of other boring details that he told me as I thought more about what the landscaping would look like once we got done with it.

Let me tell you what happened… We got there, pulled into the gravel drive. We thought that no one was there, and we would have to wait for a long time before someone would get there. A lady comes out and ask us what we were looking for today. We told her that we wanted a trailer, and she asked if we could wait to find out when the owner would come in for that day.

It was cold out that day, and I headed back into the truck. Suddenly we heard over a loud speaker that there was fresh coffee in the auction building. I walked quickly over to the auction house. She made fresh coffee, and had milk. My children came into the the little restaurant too, and she made them hot chocolate. We talked and talked like we were old friends. I was having such a great time I forgot that I left my husband outside by the truck.

The owner showed up and we bought our trailer. Th owner of trailer 101 was so very nice too. I never thought that buying a trailer would be such a great experience!

Here is the photo I took from the parking lot of trailer 101 

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