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Apps. That Are Good For You!

Cures from A to Z  Gives a list of ailments, and what can be done about each one. More natural cures that can be tried if you are wiling. Hypocrites once said “He who is his own doctor is his own fool.”  I have found some of their suggestions to be very helpful, but you will have to judge for yourself.

WordTouch This is one of the first games that I bought I my first iPhone. Making words in each one of the columns, and bonus points are given if a row is cleared. Word games are good for your brain.

Math Wizard I must admit…I hate math! I do know that playing math games is another way to help keep your mind sharp. This game leaves out one part of the equation and not just the sum of the numbers. Must be quick, addition, subtraction, division or multiplication. They pop up quick, so answer correctly with precision.

Brain Challenge This is a GREAT one! A doctor that leads you to the games. You can take a Brain Test or a Stress Test. You go through a series of tests in Logic, Math, Memory, Visual, and Focus. You will then get your score of how much of your brain you are utilizing. Mine was 30%. You will then be asked if you would like to play games to strengthen your skill sets.

White Noise Having problems sleeping or relaxing? This is a wonderful app that brings background noises that people like. I like the sound of the rain, and birds singing. There are LOTS of different sounds that can bring a calming and tranquil state of mind. There are clocks too, so in case there are only a few minutes to relax. Some relaxation time is better than none.

First Aid I read an article that a gentleman had this app and helped save a life of another man. I can’t remember how much I paid for the app., but I thought it would be great to have this just in case.

Medicinal Spices and Herbs If you have ever wondered what components are attributed to your favorite herb and spices this is a great app. If you need a boost in certain vitamins or minerals…check the app to see what would be best to use.

Eye Training This will give your eyes more acuity. There are 4 parts to the training, and you can even log your progress.

More next week

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