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iPhone Games

We all have our own taste in games, and mine are more geared toward word games. I like Pac Man, but I suck at it so bad. Really, I hate to lose so quickly. Geez, could I get a few ghost? Sadly the answer is no. My sister used to play those so many of those games, and she was really good at it. I had to find a route she did not take. LOL!

I thought I would start with the games on Game Center. Game Center allows you to not only play with your family, but also your friends around the world or even with strangers around the world. One of my favorites is…

Uno It is really addictive though. I would not recommend playing this game if you have to do something in a few hours, because you will still be playing. Once you win a couple in a row, forget about it. You will just want to waste away a few more hours playing this classic game.

Align It This game is one of those games that you don’t play with the music on, turn the music part off while you play. There are a few balls on the table, and the object is to connect them in a line. More balls pop up, and you just want to try to keep lining them up for them to disappear. It is one of my favorite games.


Romance of Rome Once given the list of items to find you are taken to a virtual destination to find the items. Once you go through all the levels the game is over. There are quite a few levels and it is fun to try to find the missing items.


Pig Rush This one is one that my daughter turned me on to, it is fun. I don’t last long. Tap the screen to get the pig to jump to each of the level grounds. If the pig falls he dies. The little pig even has to fly high enough to get a little fire hat on before running through the fire.


3D Olympus Archery Pro This is one I like a lot since I do fairly well at it. It is fun, and relaxing. This is a game I like to play alone.


Scrabble Although this is not my favorite word game I like it. It is like the old one we played as children.


Ultimate Word Search Just like the one in the newspaper.


Wheel of Fortune Yep! Just like on TV. Pretty fun!


Who Wants To Be A Millionaire  Yes, you have it…another one that is like the tv version. FUN!

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