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Bouncing On The Ranch

Last week while on the ranch I was taking the dogs for a walk. I usually have to take our more muscular Cane Corso for a walk, and sometimes she can be a handful. Having her sit, and not allowing her to set eyes on her sister. If she locks eyes with her they want to run to see each other. They have a lot of power. 

Anyway, I was walking around the barn, and my nephew says “I feel like running.” Well sweetheart, I say, Go ahead and run. He takes off up the hill, and suddenly he runs back in front of the dog, and back up again. The dog takes off, wanting to play too. I wasn’t expecting to run, and nearly pulls my arm out of the socket. I hit the hard ground face first, and bounce back up off the ground. I can hear the children belly laughing. I was inches from having my face planted in cow poo. I rolled over, and my elbow was bleeding, my knee, and my shirt was black with dirt. I was hurting, but I knew it was funny too.

I just have to tell others that visit the ranch “Don’t run in front of the dogs.”  They will want run too.

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