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Apps I love

It is not enough to love an App and use it the day you got it then forget about it. Using the App gives it the true measure of spending the money for it. One App I love is FREE

Instagram…What does it do? You take photographs and share the photos with your friends. Utilize your friends on Twitter and Facebook to let them know you are on Instagram. I honestly feel like I get more milage out of my photos by sharing them. People can “like” your photos or they can make comments. There is an option to make it private, but REALLY this is a social network. Adding a hashtag # will link you to others that have used the same word. Lets say you took a photo of Rufus. You would then add #rufus, #dog, #nature #outdoors #Rottie  So get out there and share your photos.

Kindle… This is another FREE app. You can get it on your iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and your Mac. I love reading books, and this is a great way to catch up on your favorite books. Open it up, it remembers the page you were on, for all your devices. A super cool feature is…if a word is not recognized just touch the word. The word turns blue and the definition is right in front of you. That is not all…want to highlight it? go ahead, add a note to that section too. Want to tweet the word so your friends can see you are expand your vocabulary. Yes, you can do that too.

iBooks… This App is another FREE one. A super bonus with iBooks, you can get FREE books. Many of those REQUIRED books for High School are free to download. Another extra in ibooks, you can find out the pronunciation of a word. It goes a step above Kindle.

WordBook…It is a dictionary. I have several dictionaries, but this one is my favorite. Why? Search the word, and word book remembers all the searches that have been made. It will also pronounce words, and as a SUPER bonus 5 new words are there everyday as “words for the day”.  It also has a thesaurus.

Voice Memo…It is a tiny bit embarrassing that I use this one to record where I park my car in those lots that have colors and numbers. UGH! Another bonus of the voice memo is texting the voice memo to someone. This include message. Want to tell someone “I love you” add it to your share, and they can even get it on their Mac.

Next week…Games


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