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Skulls (Part 2)

Some of the most prevalent images we find are of skulls these days. They are everywhere, of course they are a part of us, but it seems as though everyone has jumped on to the skull bandwagon. There is every kind of merchandise available. T-shirts, computer covers, and so many types of tattoos.

Daniel Strom makes a beautiful, but VERY expensive skull watch. Even though it is a little more macarbe for my taste. Although, I think it would look nice on someone else.

Then we have the Swarovski Crystal Skull that were done by Fabrien Baron. These pieces of art that are brought into the homes of those with a reputation of having the most discerning taste.

Alexander McQueen (yes, the same one that designed the dress for Kate Middleton) also designed many items with skull images including this little number.

For a little more than 3 Grand it could be yours.

Italian artist Nicola Bolla recently used Swarovski Crystals in her art. She not only used the skull but the ribcage as well many other parts.

Dan Aykroyd sells his premium Vodka in a glass skull. He says that he was inspired by his friend John Alexander. He often used skulls in his art. Recently, Quinn Gregory made a crystal skull for Dan.

It is still possible to order a crystal skull from Quinn Gregory, or buy a tie, t-shirt, shoes, purse, socks,coffee cups or just about anything else you can imagine. The Damien Hirst Diamond skull is the one that you may not find.

The Damien Hirst infant skull is a little too haunting, but some people may like it. There is always the front part of a Vespa that may even be more your speed, still a work of art though…

What do you think of it all?

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