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Take Advantage of What You Have

If you have a Mac or a Mac device there are so many aspects of software that your device already has to offer that they often go forgotten. Some of these items are easily missed, so here are a few.


iPhoto Saving photos is a big deal to everyone. No-one wants to lose personal photos. Take advantage of Photo Stream. On your iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, go to SETTINGS iCloud is right under general settings. Just turn on your photo stream. Apple will keep your photos for 30 days.

iTunes Inside iTunes are really great Podcasts. There are audio Podcasts as well as video Podcasts. Some of my favorites are “Learn Out Loud” series There are so many great speakers, categories, there really is something for everyone. The bonus is that it is FREE

iTunes University Want to learn something new? Go to iTunes University. There are many categories and subjects, some of the classes are free, and some are a small fee.

Mac Speak To You Even if you have not upgraded to Mt. Lion. If you go to System Preferences, then to dictation and speech select what desired voice you like, and what you would like to hear. I like my Mac to tell me when she needs me. If something internal is not right she says to me “Kimberly, I need you” LOL!

Messages When you have an iPod touch, iPad, or iPhone you have Messages. It is a great way to communicate with family and friends. If you want it on your Mac too you will have to upgrade to Mt. Lion. It has become an annoyance to the phone companies, and they are wanting to steer “newbies” away from iPhone because of the messages. Texting equals dollars, but having an Apple device allows you to do it for free. 

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