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Mighty Oak

This photo was taken on my birthday at Terreni D’ Oro. The tree is huge, and our truck can fit under it with no problem. It is the biggest tree on the ranch. An Oak with a long history. Native Americans used to live around the area, as late as the early 1800’s there were Native American people that still lived in the area of San Miguel. I can only speculate, but I want to believe that this tree was significant back in the days of the early pioneers. The life force of the tree is very strong and majestic. It certainly is gorgeous! Do you agree?

Ding Dong Ding

Sometimes a bell is more than a bell. How this bell different? I am glad you asked. This bell is from my Mother in Law. She brought this bell with her from Italy. When she lived in Italy her family had a lot of cows, and they wore bells around their necks. Since she was the oldest in the family it was her job to drive the cows. She would take a little sachet with her during the day and move the cows around on the hills of Italy. She lived in an area where there were also snakes, so she had to watch out for them as well. This was an occupation that she started when she was very young. She once told me that it was on her walks with the cows that she dreamed of a better life for herself somewhere else. She often told me how much she hated the smells of animals. Maybe it was because she grew up with animals and resented the fact that is what she had to do for her family. After she came to United States the bells reminded her where she came from all those years ago, and she always sent money back to help her family.

The bell also has another significance. When the Spanish Fathers located an area of California they were going to call home they hung up a bell, usually on a tree. We have our bell in the barn, and once we move permanently we are going to have a little bell tower. It will honor both my Mother in Law, and the Spanish Fathers of the Missions that are so prominent in our area. The bell at the ranch will toll ding dong ding.

My Husband Cooks

My husband and I love to cook, but this dish is one of his. He uses a pork lion, and seasons it with various herbs, and wraps it in bacon. Sweet peppers are added along with sweet purple onions. We also then use the onions and peppers to bake the potatoes. Just add a little olive oil to a baking dish and set it at 400 cover the baking dish with foil and the potatoes are ready in about 30 minutes. You will need to check them for tenderness to be sure. Add the herbs and seasonings you like best to the potatoes and peppers and onions. You are in for a super treat. To change up the dish you can add snap peas to the potatoes for a different taste. ENJOY!

Country Music

I have always prided myself on being open minded when it came to music. I really enjoy listening to all types of music, it really depends on my mood. The only music I had a problem with was country music. Personally, I think it was due to being scared from the time I spent in front of the television forced to watch Hee Haw. Oh yes, it was forced. We only had one television, so we had to sit and watch it every Saturday. At one time I could sing the song that was the lead in for the show. Wait a sec while I grab my inhaler. Alright, I don’t have an inhaler, but that show was a part of  childhood that my sister and I spent rolling our eyes. Too much of the eye rolling could get a shoe upside the head. Sometimes my sister and I would spend hours awake laughing in our beds. My mom would often yell “Both of you face the wall so you can go to sleep!” Somehow that would only be a source of more laughter.

When we grew up I just could not listen to Country Music. In fact before my husband and I got married I told him “I NEVER want to listen to Country Music”. It was an understanding that we had. He did not care for my “urban” music, and I did not do Country. That all changed when my beautiful little daughter asked me “Can we listen to Country?” What, I asked. She proceeded to tell me that when she rode with Papa she listened to Country and she liked it. She had her first little iPod, and she wanted to download a country song. She only knew who sung the song. I had to listen to several Country songs before we found the one that she wanted to buy.

My daughter then wanted me to hang out with her, and listen to Country. In the beginning I really thought my ears were going to bleed, but they did not, and I even liked some of the songs. They were really catchy. Then we started looking for property in Southern California, the whole three hours we listened to Country. I found myself tapping my foot to the music. Holy cow, I have become reacquainted with Country and I liked it.

These days, our trips to San Luis Obispo would not be the same without Country music along the way. They fill the truck with laughter in a new way. The experience of enjoyment with my family. I now am a proud listener of country. This time I am not forced to listen, but really love it! Yee Haw!!!

Tiffany Gift

It is not everyday that I get a gift from Tiffany and Co. I was a little surprised when I got a tag from UPS stating that I had something. Usually, my husband and I tell each other when we have something that is coming, and know to expect that package to be at the door. This had me perplexed. I was feeling a little anxious, wondering if I had ordered something expensive or not. Finally, the UPS guy came calling. I heard the truck, and wanted to get to the truck before my husband to see if I was the guilty party that ordered something. As soon as I saw that the package was addressed to both of us I knew that I did not order the package.

I opened to find a big blue box. Only company that I know with this blue color is Tiffany. I could feel the heat coming off my face. My chest was pounding. Then I saw a card…from our realtor. Our realtor in the Bay Area is  she is another one of those people that I consider one spectacular person. Outstanding! She sold our property, and made the whole experience painless.

The extra bonus was her little visits with me, and now a gift from Tiffany. Thank you Nahid!





The Roost is a great place to take your family the next time you are in San Luis Obispo county. Templeton, California is in what is referred to as North County. The Roost is in the center of Main Street. The owner uses local veggies, meat, bread, and cheese. If you have read my other posts about San Luis Obispo you know how much I love the people of the area. I promise…they make you feel like you belong there. You feel as though you are a long lost relative they have been waiting to get to know.

Hospitality is something that everyone can expect. As soon as your hand touches the door you are transported to a that little French bakery that you loved in France. If you have never been to France this little place will get you ready for the provincial experience.

You are greeted with smiles, and warmth. The aroma in the air is thick with sweet pastries. While I was there I had the tuna fish sandwich. It had just enough crunch with the celery pieces. Next time, I think I am going to ask for extra onions, and maybe on a croissant. There is a choice between a veggie or fruit cup. I enjoyed the veggies. I also had the a cold root beer to go with my sandwich. The rest of my family had hamburgers which they loved.

The people are what makes a place what it is, and the service was excellent. Everyone was so friendly and the place is one of those places you can’t skip over when you go to San Luis Obispo. Make sure you stop in, and have a bite to eat. You will be happy and full!



I find history fascinating. Family history is even more interesting. Mary Margret Persinger is one of my relatives that I came to know through her journals. Her and her sister were very close, and lived in a very small house. The ladies made the most of everything they had. They once had a collection of old clothes and cut the clothes into pieces to make patterns on quilts. Using all the old clothes instead of throwing them away or giving them to a charity that won’t use them because the clothes are outdated. I just LOVE that kind of resourcefulness our ancestors used. We really need more of that today.

The wall that is in the photo is another example of resourcefulness of our ancestors. The bricks were made of mud, straw, and water. Sometimes a bird body was even found in the bricks. The tiles were formed on the legs of women. The tiles were so valuable that they would be sold over and over since they lasted for so long. A building that is close to the Mission sold their roof tiles to the Mission in San Luis, resold the same tiles to someone that lives on an island off of Santa Barbara.

Having an appreciation for the past keeps us aware of what we can do, and how we can preserve our heritage. Making quilts, growing a garden to feed our family, and utilizing gifts and skills. Our ancestors have left many legacies, and it is up to us to utilize the good. Everyone has had some history about the family that isn’t pretty, and that is the part that is better left in the past. Focus on what your family has done to make it where you are today,and do your part to contribute to move the family forward. You too will be a legacy!

One Year

     One year with the same realtor. We just can’t say enough good about our realtor. We went through several realtors, but David came to us like a blessing. Everything that has happened has a reason for happening at the time. We may not understand why at the time, but it is usually for the best. I know some people that is “magical” thinking, but I believe God has worked his wonders in my life.
     Our family feels blessed. It has not been a road of roses. We have had our tough times just like everyone else, but we took it in stride. We met some unsavory people and liked them in the beginning. After the loss of property we thought we REALLY wanted, and thousands of dollars we moved on to bigger and better things. We told ourselves that the property was not for us. I even have a photo of a cloud that looks unmistakably like a giant foot. The foot is over the first ranch that we tried to obtain. Earlier that same day we were at the Mission in Santa Barbara, and I prayed. I prayed for a sign if we were going to get the ranch or not. I always include in my prayer “God, you know I don’t do subtle, so I am going to need a BIG sign. Well, there in the sky right over the ranch was a giant foot. WOW!
      No one is going to get me to believe there is no such thing as a supernatural being that has a hand in our lives. I believe in God, and some people believe in other beings. Everyone has their own belief system, I respect that, we are all individuals. I am just so grateful we have continued to look in our special place. We have every intention to make our area of the world a destination that people will appreciate no matter what they believe.
Having this year with our current realtor has been a blessing. We have our dream ranch, and we are looking to obtain more in our area. We like our realtor so much he has become like family to us! Goodies come with patience and believing that something better is just around the corner.

Full Time Living

Even though we only live in Southern California part time right now we still live Full Time. We love making the most of our time in both locations. Even our drives down south our truck is full of laughter while the children are awake. The views are phenomenal, I just love taking photos to share with family and friends. The clouds, fog, and ocean. Life is just to precious not to enjoy, and have time to get bored. Being bored is a state of mind. If you are bored, you need to take some time to reevaluate what you are doing. There are so many options, so many paths that life has to offer, and we are making the most of every moment. Hug someone close to you and be happy and grateful for what you have! Cheers!!!