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Mountain Lion

As many people know…I love Apple. Steve Jobs, such an original! Mountain Lion is the newest OS (Operating System) that has been released by Apple. I am one of those people that MUST have the newest, latest, and greatest that Apple has to offer. I had to leave early in the morning that Mountain Lion came out, so I did not get to start to download it until about mid afternoon. It took all day to download it for me. Of course it did not help that all the other Apple nuts were out there downloading it too. Plus, I was updating the Mac’s of everyone else in the house.

Since I have been so busy I have not been able to really explore what all Mt. Lion has to offer, but I must say that I love that messages is integrated into this OS. I downloaded it when it was in Beta too, and I really liked it. Being able to message people without facebook holding onto my conversations is GREAT. Being able to share other messages with someone, notes, and photos. Super Cool! Then of course being able to face time on the fly too right there in messages. Having messages go to text for people with iPhones, and iPads. How great is that?

Updates I also am really enjoying this feature too. Email that is new is just to upper right. Goes away in a few seconds. I can click in the upper right and even tweet if I want without going to twitter.

The only hiccup I have found so far is when I was downloading several new songs and Mt. Lion at the same time some of my songs did not come across. I am working this out, and have contacted Apple about my problem. I hope it is unique to me, and not more people have had the same problem. Have you downloaded Mt. Lion? What do you like?

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