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Margie’s Diner

We just love to explore our new area in San Luis Obispo. One way to get to know another area is eating the food of the area. All around the SLO area we saw signs for “Margie’s Diner” My husband is the more daring one to try something new, and we followed him. We have visited the Margie’s Diner in Paso Robles, and we have been there twice. Both of our visits to Margie’s we had the same waitress. Honestly, if there were such a thing as   a Hall of Fame for waitresses she would be in the Hall of Fame. Let me tell you why…

She came to our table at just the right time, and wasn’t one of those waitresses that come over too often or completely ignore their customer. The first time we visited I had a turkey sad which with so many fries that I could not finish. Our waitress was honest, and told me that if I did not really like almonds then I may not like the tunafish sandwich. Everyone else had burgers. Can you tell that I am usually the odd one? LOL!

This last time we went I had a Ham and Cheese, and instead of fries I went for the mashed potatoes. I was praying in my head that I could get my mashed potatoes on the side. I really don’t like for my food to touch each other. (This will have to be another post alone.) Anyway, I actually told our waitress that she should be in the hall of fame of waitresses. She politely giggled. I never told her that I would like my mashed potatoes separate, but that is how she brought them to me. Not only were the potatoes on the side, but the gravy was in a little bowl  too. I could not believe it. I told our waitress that I was silently praying for my potatoes to be on the side, she told me that she could tell. You see…telepathy works!

There is so much food for each person, and real food. They don’t serve the frozen stuff, this is REAL food. Homemade food that is delivered to your table. Everything is priced well too. We really enjoy eating at Margie’s Diner. You will too! I will have to find out the name of our waitress. She really makes the place extra special too!

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