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Baby Time


Since my children are teenagers I thought I would dole out a little advice to those with babies. When my children were young we used cloth diapers, wearing baby, and breastfeeding. Several books were read about parenting, but the one thing that really was the best advice…doing what you feels best. What fits you and your baby. We are unique, and are all individuals. Reading to the baby while in utero was something that was special to me, and felt as though it was special to each one of my children. My husband and I often consulted our “instruction book”, it was a book of symptoms, and signs to look for while baby is very young. Our doctors gave it to us as we left the hospital. It was a great resource for us. Especially with our first baby.

Breastfeeding was something we wanted to do for our children too. We consulted a lactation consultant to help us. She came to our home and showed us great positions for the baby, and how to get the baby started. My eldest son was very alert, and wanted to know everything that was going on around him. There were times I was so exhausted because it felt as though I was feeding him all day.

Neither of my children really wanted to take naps, and I just could not do the Ferber method. I just felt as though it was too cruel. I understand that some parents like it, and that is a choice that every parent has to make for themselves. I carried my children in a pouch…they were with me from the time they were up in the morning until it was bedtime. We also had a little jumpy contraption that allowed them to jump up and down, and a little saucer that allowed them to play with some stimulating toys.

When it was bedtime my husband would warm up a special microwave heating pad and place it in the bed for each child. He would warm the bed to the perfect temperature turn on the womb bear (bear that made sounds like the womb with a heartbeat) and the baby would be put into their bed. We had a monitor so we could listen to make sure that each child could touch their womb bear because that sound made them sleep so well.

As much as people want to give advice there is nothing better than your own instincts. Learning to listen to your baby cry, reading them stories, and giving them gentle encouragement are the foundations to getting them on the path to coming into their own personality. Enjoy every moment that you have while they are young because the time goes by very, very quickly.

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