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Apps For iPad

Everyone has recommendations for the iPad. My husband and I have had an iPad since they first hit the scene. Some are used and some are a waste of money. I must admit that I really like some of the ones I originally purchased for my iPhone, but did not purchase the “other” one for my iPad. I just double the size.

The Abc Player is one of the entertainment apps that I really use. I am not a big fan of watching much tv. My husband loves to watch some shows in a way that I would define as “overkill” watching something more than the second time is just monotonous to me, or exhausting. I don’t want to learn the dialog of a show. UGH! Anyway, where was I?
If you’re having problems sleeping I recommend some quiet time with “Magic Window” This is very relaxing, and it has great sound. It really all depends on which scene you choose to watch. I promise you will be transported.
my last recommendation for entertainment is PBS. I just love the shows that are offered on PBS. Now, you can watch when you want. I like to watch while my husband is watching something I don’t care for watching.
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