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Baptismal Font

Baptismal fonts are more in the realm of decorative arts, and nevertheless the pottery and art of the baptismal fonts are beautiful. Usually owners of baptismal fonts hang them by the door. A person would go to church to collect some Holy Water to place into the baptismal font. The water in the baptismal fonts at church have been blessed. One could also ask the priest to bless the water too if one wished to do so. Water, of course was a way to cleanse oneself. The early Romans were very fond of washing themselves. They even made it a part of their daily ritual. Even the poorest people that were Roman citizens took part in bathing everyday. Bathing was a social event, and the pools were cold, warm, and hot. Only the very wealthy had their own pools . The Romans were not the only ones that were fixated on cleanliness.

The Jewish people were also clean not only for hygenic reasons, but also for religious reasons. People cleaned their feet and hands before eating. Many people had a little foot bath just outside their door to clean their feet.

The baptismal font used in the home reminds those that are using it of the time they were baptized. Reminding ones self that they were baptized is also a reminder that as Christians we are asked to be forgiving of others, try to be Christ like in your actions.

This particular baptismal font has a cherub. It could be interperted as a reminder that infants are often baptized or that an angel is watching over the one the puts their fingers into the font for a blessing. A rose is a reminder of Mary. It was through Mary that Jesus became a man. The shape of the baptismal font is like the early buildings where the baptism was held. The little guy also hold a rosary around his arm to remind us all of prayer. Every time one genuflects it really is saying a prayer.

Hope you enjoyed, and may the Grace of the Lord be with you and your family!


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