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Ding Dong Ding

Sometimes a bell is more than a bell. How this bell different? I am glad you asked. This bell is from my Mother in Law. She brought this bell with her from Italy. When she lived in Italy her family had a lot of cows, and they wore bells around their necks. Since she was the oldest in the family it was her job to drive the cows. She would take a little sachet with her during the day and move the cows around on the hills of Italy. She lived in an area where there were also snakes, so she had to watch out for them as well. This was an occupation that she started when she was very young. She once told me that it was on her walks with the cows that she dreamed of a better life for herself somewhere else. She often told me how much she hated the smells of animals. Maybe it was because she grew up with animals and resented the fact that is what she had to do for her family. After she came to United States the bells reminded her where she came from all those years ago, and she always sent money back to help her family.

The bell also has another significance. When the Spanish Fathers located an area of California they were going to call home they hung up a bell, usually on a tree. We have our bell in the barn, and once we move permanently we are going to have a little bell tower. It will honor both my Mother in Law, and the Spanish Fathers of the Missions that are so prominent in our area. The bell at the ranch will toll ding dong ding.

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