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Country Music

I have always prided myself on being open minded when it came to music. I really enjoy listening to all types of music, it really depends on my mood. The only music I had a problem with was country music. Personally, I think it was due to being scared from the time I spent in front of the television forced to watch Hee Haw. Oh yes, it was forced. We only had one television, so we had to sit and watch it every Saturday. At one time I could sing the song that was the lead in for the show. Wait a sec while I grab my inhaler. Alright, I don’t have an inhaler, but that show was a part of ¬†childhood that my sister and I spent rolling our eyes. Too much of the eye rolling could get a shoe upside the head. Sometimes my sister and I would spend hours awake laughing in our beds. My mom would often yell “Both of you face the wall so you can go to sleep!” Somehow that would only be a source of more laughter.

When we grew up I just could not listen to Country Music. In fact before my husband and I got married I told him “I NEVER want to listen to Country Music”. It was an understanding that we had. He did not care for my “urban” music, and I did not do Country. That all changed when my beautiful little daughter asked me “Can we listen to Country?” What, I asked. She proceeded to tell me that when she rode with Papa she listened to Country and she liked it. She had her first little iPod, and she wanted to download a country song. She only knew who sung the song. I had to listen to several Country songs before we found the one that she wanted to buy.

My daughter then wanted me to hang out with her, and listen to Country. In the beginning I really thought my ears were going to bleed, but they did not, and I even liked some of the songs. They were really catchy. Then we started looking for property in Southern California, the whole three hours we listened to Country. I found myself tapping my foot to the music. Holy cow, I have become reacquainted with Country and I liked it.

These days, our trips to San Luis Obispo would not be the same without Country music along the way. They fill the truck with laughter in a new way. The experience of enjoyment with my family. I now am a proud listener of country. This time I am not forced to listen, but really love it! Yee Haw!!!

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