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Tiffany Gift

It is not everyday that I get a gift from Tiffany and Co. I was a little surprised when I got a tag from UPS stating that I had something. Usually, my husband and I tell each other when we have something that is coming, and know to expect that package to be at the door. This had me perplexed. I was feeling a little anxious, wondering if I had ordered something expensive or not. Finally, the UPS guy came calling. I heard the truck, and wanted to get to the truck before my husband to see if I was the guilty party that ordered something. As soon as I saw that the package was addressed to both of us I knew that I did not order the package.

I opened to find a big blue box. Only company that I know with this blue color is Tiffany. I could feel the heat coming off my face. My chest was pounding. Then I saw a card…from our realtor. Our realtor in the Bay Area is  she is another one of those people that I consider one spectacular person. Outstanding! She sold our property, and made the whole experience painless.

The extra bonus was her little visits with me, and now a gift from Tiffany. Thank you Nahid!

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