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The Roost is a great place to take your family the next time you are in San Luis Obispo county. Templeton, California is in what is referred to as North County. The Roost is in the center of Main Street. The owner uses local veggies, meat, bread, and cheese. If you have read my other posts about San Luis Obispo you know how much I love the people of the area. I promise…they make you feel like you belong there. You feel as though you are a long lost relative they have been waiting to get to know.

Hospitality is something that everyone can expect. As soon as your hand touches the door you are transported to a that little French bakery that you loved in France. If you have never been to France this little place will get you ready for the provincial experience.

You are greeted with smiles, and warmth. The aroma in the air is thick with sweet pastries. While I was there I had the tuna fish sandwich. It had just enough crunch with the celery pieces. Next time, I think I am going to ask for extra onions, and maybe on a croissant. There is a choice between a veggie or fruit cup. I enjoyed the veggies. I also had the a cold root beer to go with my sandwich. The rest of my family had hamburgers which they loved.

The people are what makes a place what it is, and the service was excellent. Everyone was so friendly and the place is one of those places you can’t skip over when you go to San Luis Obispo. Make sure you stop in, and have a bite to eat. You will be happy and full!

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  1. Great post, you do a good job describing the food and the atmosphere.

    July 19, 2012

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