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I find history fascinating. Family history is even more interesting. Mary Margret Persinger is one of my relatives that I came to know through her journals. Her and her sister were very close, and lived in a very small house. The ladies made the most of everything they had. They once had a collection of old clothes and cut the clothes into pieces to make patterns on quilts. Using all the old clothes instead of throwing them away or giving them to a charity that won’t use them because the clothes are outdated. I just LOVE that kind of resourcefulness our ancestors used. We really need more of that today.

The wall that is in the photo is another example of resourcefulness of our ancestors. The bricks were made of mud, straw, and water. Sometimes a bird body was even found in the bricks. The tiles were formed on the legs of women. The tiles were so valuable that they would be sold over and over since they lasted for so long. A building that is close to the Mission sold their roof tiles to the Mission in San Luis, resold the same tiles to someone that lives on an island off of Santa Barbara.

Having an appreciation for the past keeps us aware of what we can do, and how we can preserve our heritage. Making quilts, growing a garden to feed our family, and utilizing gifts and skills. Our ancestors have left many legacies, and it is up to us to utilize the good. Everyone has had some history about the family that isn’t pretty, and that is the part that is better left in the past. Focus on what your family has done to make it where you are today,and do your part to contribute to move the family forward. You too will be a legacy!

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