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One Year

     One year with the same realtor. We just can’t say enough good about our realtor. We went through several realtors, but David came to us like a blessing. Everything that has happened has a reason for happening at the time. We may not understand why at the time, but it is usually for the best. I know some people that is “magical” thinking, but I believe God has worked his wonders in my life.
     Our family feels blessed. It has not been a road of roses. We have had our tough times just like everyone else, but we took it in stride. We met some unsavory people and liked them in the beginning. After the loss of property we thought we REALLY wanted, and thousands of dollars we moved on to bigger and better things. We told ourselves that the property was not for us. I even have a photo of a cloud that looks unmistakably like a giant foot. The foot is over the first ranch that we tried to obtain. Earlier that same day we were at the Mission in Santa Barbara, and I prayed. I prayed for a sign if we were going to get the ranch or not. I always include in my prayer “God, you know I don’t do subtle, so I am going to need a BIG sign. Well, there in the sky right over the ranch was a giant foot. WOW!
      No one is going to get me to believe there is no such thing as a supernatural being that has a hand in our lives. I believe in God, and some people believe in other beings. Everyone has their own belief system, I respect that, we are all individuals. I am just so grateful we have continued to look in our special place. We have every intention to make our area of the world a destination that people will appreciate no matter what they believe.
Having this year with our current realtor has been a blessing. We have our dream ranch, and we are looking to obtain more in our area. We like our realtor so much he has become like family to us! Goodies come with patience and believing that something better is just around the corner.
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