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Do you want to see something scary?

ImageLast weekend while we were leaving our new digs this thing flew into the truck. Sergio said in a soft voice “Can you open the back window?” As we were driving we were looking at a cargo plane that had been circling around the airfield near the military base. My husband and I were speculating on what was happening, meanwhile the children were trying not to panic. Sergio again requested that the back window open. I think he was trying not to provoke the thing into flying around the truck cab. Just as we understood what he was asking the thing flew to the front of the truck. I thought it was a bird. None of us had ever seen anything like it. As all the windows in the truck went down to get the thing out it decided to go into the vent. My husband turned on the air, to force it out. I closed my vents! I did not want that thing coming out on my side. GREAT! We had three more hours in the car, and my fresh coffee was just sitting there…I was unable to drink it because of the fear I had of the creature flying at one of us! 

Finally we started to relax…my husband was convinced that his turning the heat and then the air on in the truck had shaded the beast to tiny pieces. I, on the other hand was just praying silently that the thing would fly out some other hole and be free and multiply away from us. I kept my vents shut down for the rest of the ride back to the bay area. 

The next day my husband washed his truck, and out comes the Tarantula Hawk. Yeah, that is what you just read Tarantula Hawk. These things are so fierce that they kill tarantulas. The sting from one of these is suppose to be one of the most painful in the world. They usually don’t sting unless they are provoked. STILL! EEK! The bonus part of the story is the damn thing flew out on my side after my husband opened my vent. So, just in case one of these things fly in your car, don’t provoke the thing. 

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  1. That is scary alright, I can see the stinger in the picture. Whoever that is holding it in their hand, they’re very brave!

    July 19, 2012
    • I would not hold one, but I have taken photos of them while close to them. I can’t believe they utilize the tarangula as an incubator. YUCK!

      July 28, 2012

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