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Family Friday


Before we began our hunt for the perfect place for us I often thought about all the people that came before us. The people that were in the region that we were looking, and what they had to do to get to the area. As well as the family that I know about that came from the Old World to start a new life here in the United States. I even know the history of one of our Native American families. As we move our history goes with us, so I thought on Friday I would share some of the stories I know about my family with you. 

I just love shows like the recent “Hatfield and McCoy”. It does not try to romanticize a gritty time in the history of the United States. It tells the tale of two families and how a disagreement got way out of hand. Although the infamy of the their family lives on, there were so many families that we have not read about or that are as famous. 

I believe that there have been terrible atrocities to many people throughout history. Not just one group of people, but many. There is nothing we can do to change what has happened. What we can do is learn from their mistakes. As many people in their own lives have had indignations happen in their own life times we do all we can so that it does not happen to the next generation of youngsters. To live a life of hate is a waste of time. We all as human beings have the opportunity to do something better for one another instead of working against each other we need to work together. Just like country folks and family working together being united is much better than finding fault and opposition.

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