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A Wonderful Start


We just love our barn. We have a PWS or Protective Weather Structure. There are several colors that are available, we wanted an old fashioned looking barn. We went for the red, green roof, and white trim. We even opted for the insulation to keep it cool in the barn on hot days. You would not believe how comfortable it is inside the barn. The barn is capable to having additions later too. We are thinking of having a french door added to one side, and having two more doors added to each side of the largest door in the center. Later we can also add a fan to the cupola to keep it even cooler.

Throughout the whole process our representative John came out and measured the area where we wanted the barn, and every time we talked to him he was so very sweet. All the people on the phones were so very nice, and friendly. The people that worked on the barn kept the owl feathers for us. We have a Snowy Owl that lives on our ranch. I have not been able to capture the owl on film, he has just been too fast. I did get a photo of the kangaroo rat that was hoping around the barn last week. EEK!

This is the start of our lives in San Luis Obispo. We just love being there!

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